MegaMix2012 Professional Radio Automation Software


Megamix2012 Radio Automation is now shipping. Thousands of broadcasters around the World rely on Megamix every day for their radio automation software.
Megamix is designed to provide solution for today’s top radio stations.
Every part of Megamix Radio Automation Software has been rewritten from scratch utilizing the latest software technologies .NET and SQL for maximum flexibility and power. It offers the most customizable user interface available anywhere. Megamix Radio Automation Software separates the content displayed on the screen – supporting two or more multi monitors - into individual frames that can be easily resized, moved or removed from the screen enabling each user by using skin templates to personalize their interface according to their individual requirements and preferences.

Megamix Radio Automation is the only automation system with so many features, flexibility, stability and multistation. With Megamix you can do whatever you have dreamed about.

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DiGiLOGGER Audio Recorder


DiGiLogger set a new standard in software based audio logging, streaming, archiving, skimming, alarming, podcasting and storage, delivering the simplest way to manage each and every one of your recording needs with just one workstation.

What is DiGiLOGGER?
DiGiLOGGER is a multi-channel software based audio and data logging system. DiGiLOGGER records one or more incoming audio feeds and keeps them on the hard disk for a set time before finally removing them, thus creating a maintenance free, rolling log.

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